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Geothermal Boreholes

DECC Announces Increased Commercial GSHP Tariffs! (More)

Synergy works with and for, Consultants, Architects, Builders, M&E Contractors, Renewable Energy Companies to provide borehole installations comprising one, to scores of boreholes up to 200m in depth. Together with our partners, we can offer any or all of the following services, with the accompanying reports and documentation.

  • Geological survey (recommended for installations of more than 20 kW)
  • TRT (drilling of borehole, conducting test, producing report, recommended for installations above 30 kW)
  • Borehole array dimensioning and design
  • Borehole drilling, equipping with the highest quality, factory pressure tested and certificated, PE100+, Crack Resistant, loops, 
  • All header works, trenching pipelaying, electrofusion welding, balancing manifold supply and installation.
  • Sanitising, flushing, filling, pressurising of array complete with stop valves in plant room to enable easy GSHP connection.
  • Documentation for the above including Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Pressure/Flow Test Certificates etc.

We are proud to work with suppliers such as MGS, premium renewable energy companies such as Isoenergy, and high end corporate customers such as HUF HausWe are therefore able to offer corporate customers the complete GSHP solution if desired.

It has been reliably demonstrated by independant Thermal Response Testing, that closed loop geothermal boreholes drilled by Synergy consistently have a significantly higher thermal efficiency than those drilled by some other companies who quote cheaper. (more...)

Synergy is an ISO 9001 company

Our clients

Alternative Energy | Ambivent | Anders Heating Company Ardenham Energy | Baker Associates Barton-le-Clay Scout Hall | Bascomb & Drew | Baufritz | Better Planet | Blackmoor Knight | Blewbury Sports Complex | Calverton Manor | County Construction | Danaher & Rolls | David Kerwood Construction | Donnington Grove Country Club | E.M.E | Exedra Architects | Fairfax Homes | Farnrise | Feltham Construction Fennes Estate Frost’s Landscapes Geothermique | Ground Source Consult | Guard Tillman Pollack | H2O Irrigation | Haileybury School | Ham House | Hampton School Henley Town Football Club | Herring Homes | Isoenergy J & S Seddon | Lad Construction | Laing O’Rourke | Leonard Properties | Lewis Wyatt | Mark Guard Architects | Morgan Shankly | Oakbridge Homes | Panshanger Golf Complex | Paynes H & P Plumbing Services | Projekt Plus | Quadrant Corporate | redblue(Germany) | RI Building Services | St. Stephens Church (Lympne) | St.Catharines Court Summerleaze | Sutton Griffin Architects Terra Firma Energy | Terra Mech The American School in England (TASIS) | The Jockey Club | Timpson | TJ Thickett & Associates | Waltham Place | Welyn Hatfield Council Wensley group | Wessex Group | Woods Commercial Facilities

Surveys / TRT / Borehole Array Design

Synergy is able to provide geological surveys, Thermal Response Tests and borehole array design by a professionally indemnified hydrogeologist.

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