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Automatic Backwash Filter

Synergy Boreholes and Systems Ltd. now offer a compact, fully automatic, self cleaning filter, suitable for domestic and commercial applications. This is not a cheap unit, but it is by far the best of its type that we have located.

The Problem

Sometimes, natural borehole water contains sediment, this can be for example chalk particles or fine sand which filters into the borehole. Although such sediment is almost always harmless to health, it can make the water look unclear, it can rapidly block up conventional cartridge or candle filters, causing inconvenience and increasing running costs for replacement units. It can also cause long term sedimentation problems in plumbing systems.

The Solution

Synergy have now introduced a new automatic backwash filter system which radically reduces the need to frequently replace filter cartridges or candles. The unit utilises an electronic timer which can be set to automatically purge the filter at the intervals you desire (see below). In the top of the range model, pressure differential (i.e. the indicator of the filter becoming blocked with sediment) is additionally used to trigger the automatic backwash cycle. A drain outlet is required to allow disposal of the sediment removed.

Supply sources requiring filtration

? Borehole supplies 
? Rainwater recycling 
? Grey water recycling

The automatic filter allows water to flow in through a stainless steel filter sieve. The filter sieve traps the sediment present in the water before it enters the plumbing system and mechanical equipment.
The entire filter surface is then automatically backwashed by multiple jet nozzles that operate on a point-by-point rotation system. The backwashing is completely visible at all times so you can be sure it does the job right.
The system can be programmed to clean on preset times or differential pressure.
Should the filter become soiled enough to create a pressure loss before the preset backwash time, a differential pressure gauge will activate the automatic backwash. This gauge can be adjusted to respond between 1 and 15 psi pressure drop.
As soon as the backwash cycle begins, a flush valve is opened to an indirect drain. Because the drain is at atmospheric pressure, a reverse siphoning effect enables the jet nozzles to vacuum the impurities off the filter sieve.
Clean water is constantly supplied with no interruption, even during backwash.
Because the filter is permanent, there is no need for replacement filters.


  • Eliminates sediment particles such as rust and dirt
  • Filter capacities range from 500 microns to 30 microns
  • Efficiently backwashes with NO interruption of FILTERED water supply and minimal waste water
  • Protects pipes, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, valves, regulators, controls, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly – does not require replacement cartridges
  • Protects energy efficiency and longevity of mechanical equipment
  • Accommodates flow rates up to 880 gallons per minute
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 8″
  • Compact and attractive design also makes it easy to use
  • Clear 360 degree site glass for easy screen viewing